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Pocket R-CAT for Arrhythmias + EKG Badge - #3250

The Pocket R-CAT for Arrhythmias is the only reference / educational tool that:

  • Contains 40 six-second strips, all calibrated to the exact size as an EKG printout
  • Now includes Normal Sinus Comparison Strip, which can be flipped over to compare to other rhythms
  • Measures Heart Rate, PR, QT, and QRS intervals by Calibrated Red Boxes
  • Can be marked and erased with a dry erase marker for staff and patient education
  • Offers double-sided laminated panels that can easily be folded to fit in any pocket
  • Gives medical personnel Diagrams of 39 Different EKG Dysrhythmias to teach Staff and Patients

Includes the EKG Badge # 3200

  • Window with Red Baseline identifies ST Deviation
  • Calibrated Red Boxes measures all Cardiac Intervals
  • Measures Heart Rate
  • Comes with Badge Holder
  • Same thickness and material used for credit card

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