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• Wide variety of Teaching Materials using innovative educational designs for novice to expert training

• Online Courses utilizing exclusive High-quality animation of EKG strips - simulates real-world monitored rhythms

The R-CAT (Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tool)

• Replaces Paper, Pencil and Calipers

• Provides High Quality Tools and Material for initial training, annual recertification, and periodic review of Basic EKG Interpretation and 12-Lead Analysis 

• Award-Winning Products 

• Used by the United States Military and the top 10 Hospitals in the United States 

• Developed by a Nurse with 32 years of experience in Emergency and Critical Care with a Specialty in EKG Training

• Sign up for our EKG case studies to improve confidence & competence in evaluating EKG Rhythms or 12 Lead EKG's

Interactive EKG Arrhythmias Video Course - CLICK HERE

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Customer Testimonials

In a 12 hour ED shift I probably look at 20-30 12 lead EKGs in the midst of all of the other distractions. The R-CAT Window is a great tool for helping cut through the mental and visual clutter of the ED and stay focused on the critical question of "STEMI or not".

Melissa W. Costello, M.D., FACEP

I have found these EKG & arrhythmia packages to be a wonderful teaching tool for our paramedics, PA's in ER, cath lab personal, rotating students, etc. These have not only made acute STEMI's easier to detect quickly but also arrhythmia detection much more accurate. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who needs to accurately interpret EKG's.

James Tierney MD, FACC, FACP, FSAI

The new R-CAT EKG badge is so helpful. As an Emergency Department nurse, time is vital. This tool helps me rapidly calculate heart rates and identify arrhythmias, including STEMIs. It's easily available, durable & I'm able to disinfect it with bleach wipes without fading! I can finally keep the pointy EKG caliper out of my pockets! I highly recommend this tool for any level of healthcare professional, novice or veteran.

Misty, RN

The R-CAT tools are very helpful when I teach my students. The R-CAT Workbook walks students through 120 static EKG rhythm strips but also gives them a chance to see them in real time via video. The EKG badge helps them find the critical ST depression or ST elevation easily. His tools are a game changer in my clinical practice but also when I teach my students. Thank you!

Jennifer Carlquist, Cardiology Physician Assistant