About Us

Gary Krause


My name is Gary Krause, Registered Nurse. I have 32 years of experience in emergency, critical care, and cardiac nursing with a specialty in EKG rhythm and 12 Lead EKG education. In 2010, I founded the company EKG Concepts.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and the EKG is the most important diagnostic test for someone having a cardiac event. The importance of medical personnel to accurately and rapidly identify EKG rhythms and EKG changes is critical for good patient outcomes.

I recognized the challenge medical personnel have with EKG interpretation and have developed the R-CAT (Rapid Cardiac Assessment Tool) products and resources to overcome this challenge. The R-CAT products help anyone in the medical field from “Novice to Expert” who works with cardiac patients.

These award-winning, patented tools allow health care professionals to accurately, rapidly and safely interpret all EKG rhythms and 12 Lead EKGs. These tools isolate the ST segment for easily visible evidence of Cardiac ischemia, injury, and infarction. Tools also contain calibrated red boxes to align on an EKG and measure all cardiac intervals to help identify heart blocks and other arrhythmias.

These products replace antiquated and variable calipers, paper, and pencils used today to identify EKG changes. The R-CAT products do not expose medical personnel to sharp needles such as calipers.

Our products include a self-learning EKG rhythm workbook which contains 120 EKG practice modules and online video animation of all EKG arrhythmias for replication of real-world strip analysis. Regularly released EKG Patient Case Studies have also been developed for the committed learner striving to increase confidence in the accurate, rapid interpretation of EKG dysrhythmias and 12 Lead EKGs.

Our R-CAT products are now used exclusively in many of the top 10 hospitals in the United States, the US military and worldwide.
Whether for initial training, ongoing annual recertification, or achievement of advanced competency in EKG interpretation, EKG Concepts has developed educational products designed to support excellence in delivering care to the EKG monitored patient in any practice setting.

EKG Concepts remains committed to helping health care professionals improve outcomes for cardiac monitored patients.