The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI

Our Customers asked for a compact version of the R-CAT - 12 for STEMI

*Bundle Special*: Includes EKG Badge

3.25 x 6.75 inches 0.375 inches thick

The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI features:

  • All 12 lead EKG changes associated with myocardial Ischemia, Injury and Infarction from the original R-CAT - 12

  • A new convenient size that fits in a scrub or lab coat pocket

  • Unique, double-sided panels that can be folded and refolded quickly

  • A laminated surface that can be marked and erased for repeated use

  • A new tool for heart rate and interval measurements

  • A new unique, reversible Baseline Window tool for viewing and comparing patient's EKG

  • Using the reversible Baseline Window on an actual patient's EKG, patterns of Ischemia, Injury
    and infarction can be viewed and compared on the pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI


    The R-CAT - 12 for STEMI can be marked with a black dry erase marker and wiped clean for repeated use.

    All these features make the Pocket R-CAT - 12 an excellent investment for medical
    practitioners to quickly evaluate the characteristic alterations and ST changes
    that are critical to initiating appropriate treatment and to obtaining the
    best outcomes for their cardiac patient.

    The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI saves valuable time when every minute counts!